What We Offer

Mindfulness 101

Let us introduce Mindfulness to you and your organization in a practical and effective way. Through the examination of the scientific evidence supporting it's benefits in the workplace, we will provide all participants the tools they require to apply mindfulness to both their professional and personal lives. Train the most powerful tool that you have; your mind!

Stress Management

Work is the leading cause of stress among our population. Recognize what your stressors are and learn how to implement scientifically proven methods to manage and cope with whatever comes your way. We explore ways to reduce pressure that may lead to anxiety, depression, burnout, poor work relationships, and overall well-being. You cannot be of service to others unless you are taking care of yourself first. 

Emotional Intelligence

Become aware of your emotions and learn how to regulate them in a healthy and effective way. Practice-self awareness and self-motivation. Gain the ability to understand another's feelings by practicing empathy. Become motivated and build confidence in both yourself and your organization. Discover how to apply yourself to the world that will set you apart. Don't fake it until you make it; fake it until you become it!

The Foundations for Success

Discover what habits make or break us. Set yourself up to succeed! Build a strong foundation to keep up with the goals that are important to you. Learn how to manage your time while implementing effective routines for yourself. Adopt better sleep habits to allow you to tackle the demands of your daily life with energy and focus. Organize your time effectively . But above all, embrace body kindness. Develop healthy eating habits to give your body and mind the fuel to thrive! 

Effectiveness & Positivity

How to increase mental and physical energy and a sense of engagement in work related activities and in your personal life. Get your energy back! Learn how to dramatically increase your energy. Discover how positive energy and a positive attitude can work wonders for both yourself and those around you. Allow yourself to experience the health and vitality that you deserve. 

Our Unique Approach


Mindful Movement

Never underestimate the power of movement. Release pressure and tension in the body with simple and easy stretching techniques. Don't be intimidated what so ever. All of our movements and tailored to anyone, any level and at any age. No work out clothes necessary! These movements are designed to fit in anywhere, especially at work!. Participation is entirely optional however we carefully and knowledgeably explain why it is so beneficial. 


Mindful Breathing

Learn to breath! The right way... Abdominal breathing during any stressful situation helps you slow down and feel more grounded. Boost your performance at work by gaining control over your breath, and in turn, any situation!


Mindful Meditation

Become aware of yourself, others and the world around you.  It is about paying attention as much as we possibly can to the present moment. Although meditation began as a spiritual practice, it is evolved so much in the past 40 years. Especially when we talk about "Mindful-Meditation" specifically. You do not need to be spiritual or religious in any way; to practice Mindful Meditation, you just need a mind. Amazing things happen when we train our mind to regulate, accept and effectively react to any emotions, though good or bad, that come our way.